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Blood Music - Bear
  • What: Full length "Blood Music" graphic novel based on award winning story!
  • Who: Greg Bear, Jeff Vintar, and Louis Leterrier.
  • What you get: Epic limited edition loot in the form of a graphic novel!
21% funded
$18,142 raised
161 days left


Dragon Masters - Vance
  • What: "Dragon Masters" Casino-grade paper playing cards!
  • Who: Jack Vance, Grandmaster of the Science Fiction Writers of America!
  • What you get: Playing cards with our "Project Arts" dragons on the face cards!
17% funded
$477 raised
161 days left

The Belgariad Splash 2

Belgariad - Eddings
  • What: An exciting new project based on the Belgariad epic fantasy series!
  • Who: David Eddings, Grok Studio, and the fans!
  • What you get: Extremely limited Belgariad merchandise. Get yours while you can!
0% funded
$0 raised
160 days left


Mindbridge - Haldeman
  • What: Project of Joe Haldeman, award winning author of the Forever War.
  • Who: Tim Miller (Batman: Arkham City, Rockfish) and Blur Studios!
  • What you get: An EPIC graphic novel, as well as advanced viewing of the artwork.
20% funded
$17,312 raised
161 days left