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How This Works

  1. Look through our listings for the project that you want to support. We’re placing some great properties on the site, and packaging them with some major talent.
  2. We’ve gone to many great artists, writers, talents and creators and convinced them to let us use their rights, to put their names on these projects, to group talented people and imaginative ideas together into interesting packages so that you can have plenty of cool projects to choose from.
  3. Pick a project. There’s information and other details provided on each project page.
  4. Identify the award that you want. There will be several awards to choose from, each award corresponds to a different contribution. The more you contribute to a project, the more exciting and exclusive the product or experience will be.
  5. There’s a date that each project will expire, so claim your award right away. Some awards are limited.
  6. Sign up.
  7. Click. You’ll be taken to our payment processing system, Paypal, Amazon, etc. whoever we find is doing the best job.
  8. As a funder (we call you Grokkers), you’ll get email updates and find fresh postings on the project page that will keep you informed of the status of the project as it progresses.
  9. After the Project has been fully funded, the team responsible for getting the project completed will get the money and get to work with the development, design, creation, production, and eventual distribution of the funded product or experience.
  10. Your award will be delivered to the address or email address you provided. 
  11. Find it, Fund it, Follow it! A simple three steps to seeing great ideas become your reality.