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What is Grok Studio?

Grok Studio is crowd sourced studio where you and your friends, fans, and other interested individuals can connect with your favorite books, comics, and other great stories and support those properties as they develop into all kinds of high quality entertainment such as films, television series, toys, virtual worlds and so on. We source the crowd in two ways: 1.) We raise big money by offering for sale all sorts of associated gear, game play, stuff and experiences of all kinds and 2.) To design the worlds of our productions we invite world-class concept and VFX artists and previs and other art, film and design specialists to throw in their imaginative renderings of the worlds we want to explore. Grok Studio sifts through the art and uses the best there is and whatever money we can save from selling products and stuff is used to fund the listed projects with a design of turning them into monster hits.

You want more opportunities to read, experience, play in and explore the most rad, wildly imagined worlds of authors, artists, musicians, and other talented creators?! Here's your chance. At Grok Studio, we don't wait for some big conglomerate to fund these projects. We leave that to you.

How does Grok Studio work?

A known author, director, actor, producer, musician, artist or any other type of well-regarded creator identifies a project that they love and want to be involved with.

Together with Grok Studio, an awesome project is developed into a something that everyone will enjoy. A campaign for the project, which includes a variety of appropriate products and experiences, is detailed.

The campaign and funding goal are posted; the project is launched. Bam!

As a user, you help fund projects by choosing what you want from the listed products and experiences. The higher the level of contribution you choose, the more exclusive the product or experience you get.

Once a project is fully funded, Grok Studio contracts respected and efficient producers to bring the projects to life.

What is "Crowd Funding", Fan Funding" or "Crowd Sourcing"?

Crowd funding: We are the crowd; we do the funding.

Fan funding: We are the fans; we do the funding.

Crowd sourcing: Grok Studio is crowd sourcing you, the crowd, joined with the A-list talent to execute on A-List entertainment projects of all kinds.

What is "All or Nothing" funding?

Like the name suggests, most of our projects must be fully funded before the predetermined time expires or production will not begin. In these cases, if you contributed, your credit card will not be charged. In cases where funding is successful, you get something for your contributions beyond the satisfaction of helping the project get off the ground, but the value of what you will receive will always be less than your contribution. (From our lawyer: A CONTRIBUTION OR PRE-PURCHASE OF ANY ITEM OR EXPERIENCE OR SUBSCRIPTION TO A PROJECT LISTED ON GROK STUDIO IS NEVER AN INVESTMENT. YOU ARE ONLY PRE-PURCHASING GOODS ON GROK STUDIO. NEVER A SERVICE.)

Be clear on one thing: without you, it doesn't get done. And be assured that we get it: the closer a project gets to funding, the more likely it will be made. Period. So let's dig in and have some fun.

We're here for a good time, not a long time.

Why "All or Nothing" funding?

It allows a project creator to get a feel for what people really want to experience. If a project needs $5,000 to be completed, for example, having raised $2,000 won't get it done. If the total funding on a particular project is not reached, a project creator can pursue something else that the fans want more.

It motivates. If you really want to see a project come to life, you're going to spread the word and work together to get the funding secured for the project.

Does my money buy a percentage of ownership, ROI, or any say or rights in the property or project?

No. From the lawyers, no. Your pre-purchase or subscription is not an investment. Nobody's granting any rights. None of that stuff. Grokking does not give you any ownership or equity in any property or company. You are just pre-purchasing Goods and never a Service. Grokking gives you the product you purchased and an opportunity to be part of a new way of doing things and membership in a very rarified community, attached to a project that you clearly think is worthy.

Why does Grok Studio exist?

Fear and creativity cannot co-exist. So Grok Studio was started to establish a s ystem where cool content can be created outside of the antiquated systems where corporate bottom lines set limits as to what entertainment is allowed to be. We wanted to give creators the freedom to produce the most badass, mind and genre-bending projects they can. To let imagines run wild so the audience can experience the potential of these amazing talents when they're not bound to the same old models. It's important to us that creativity have a full, free reign and dominance.

A fortunate byproduct of the system we developed is that it democratizes the process of entertainment, allowing fans and consumers to decide which projects they want to experience the most, or what they think are the coolest and most engaging entertainment experiences.

The new paradigm is here: By fans, for fans.

Is this a studio or just a website?

Both. Sort of. is a super-easy-to-use, online platform where you can pre-purchase a variety of limited edition products and exclusive experiences available nowhere else. The projects are funded through your purchases and you get solid, high quality items in return.

The goal is, of course, to raise enough money so that the project goal, be it a film, tv show, a game or something else, can be reached. And it's all up to YOU! Instead of studios deciding what they want created and produced, with Grok Studio, YOU decide.

Will Grok Studio ever team up with big studios if that's what it takes to get a project made?

Absolutely. Whatever it takes. A lot can be accomplished outside the studio system, but if we can't get it done by just selling products and such, we'll sometimes work with the big boy studios if that's the best way to get something made or distributed. Studios are great at distribution, marketing, and such. No secret there. But the projects here are 'passion projects' set into motion by talented project creators and the folks involved in them love the idea of doing something outside the old box.

What kind of quality can I expect from Grok Studio?

This stuff is going to be very, very cool. We are using world class talent, with sublime taste in story and design. We are very confident that you'll be pleased, but remember: All of our items are limited run so if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will probably be able to get more than what you paid for them from others that you beat to the punch.

Why should I support a project?

THE PRODUCTS! You're able to own all sorts of fun and quality products, benefits, and experiences!

THE CONNECTION WITH CREATORS! This is your chance to have a say in what your favorite creators produce.

BEST OF ALL... being part of a campaign to make kick-ass entertainment based on your favorite works by your favorite talents!

What's the difference between an "Item" and a "Project"?

Most of the projects will have many 'items' available. Most items will have to sell a minimum number in order associated, has what we mean is, that the items that can be purchased make up the campaign as to how we are going to fund the overall Project. Its true that the project may or may not ever happen because its certainly a big thing to attempt to fund, but we believe that a lot of you can help us get there by buying items and Grokking the process as you do.


What does "Grok" mean?

[grok] Introduced by Robert A. Heinlein in his 1961 novel "Stranger in a Strange Land".

verb: To understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.

To connect with your environment, anything or anyone in it. At Grok Studio, we use the word to mean that you are connecting to the community surrounding a project, and when you support it, you "Grok" it.


How do I Grok?

To connect to the community around a project, you need to "Grok This Project". For now, that means to pre-purchase any of the items listed under the project. To do that, just click the "Grok This Project" button on the project page. Select one or more of the items that you want to take home. From there, you will go through the Amazon Payments checkout process. You must complete the checkout for your pre-purchase to be recorded.

You can also share the project with others.

If I Grok a project, when is my card charged?

If the project you're Grokking is successfully funded your card will be charged at the time the project reaches its funding goal. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card will not be charged. If the project is already fully-funded, whether before or after the funding deadline, your card will be charged immediately.

If a Project does not reach its funding goal, do I still get the item I selected?

Probably not. Projects that don't reach funding will likely be cancelled and the corresponding pre-purchase items will not be produced and your card will not be charged. You'll know you're getting your item if your card was charged.

Why does the list of items change?

Usually it's because we reach a maximum number of orders for that item and have to de-list it.

Many items are limited edition, so pay attention to the item description as it will identify the number of items available. If you want to buy limited edition items you should do so right away.

We'll do our best to keep the list of items fresh and add new, cool items as time goes on.

I came back to buy an item previously posted and it's not here anymore. Can I still buy it?

It's probably too late. We hope that you'll enjoy one of the other items currently listed.

If you can remember the item identifier, you can email us a request for the item at: Be sure that you include the project name and the date the item was listed. There are no guarantees the item will still be available.

What is a "Big Ticket Item"?

Most of our projects have the potential of becoming big media: film, television, games, virtual worlds or other big budget productions. It is our goal to make these projects explosive: bigger screen, bigger talents, bigger budget world building, eye-popping stuff... but we need your support. We'll often list a project's specific Big Ticket Item (like a film or TV show) at the start of funding as our ultimate goal, but it likely won't be available for funding until the time is right and we've sold some products first, built a community around the project, and so on. Tell your friends to join and it'll get there faster!

At the right time we will launch the funding of the "Big Ticket Item" and the property will go into overdrive. We'll introduce a bunch of brand new ways that you can participate, stuff you can buy, things you can do.

Big Ticket Items require higher levels of funding and so they may or may not get fully funded. But to succeed at this is what all of us really, really want. We're going to draft entirely new (read: top secret) campaigns for the launch of the Big Ticket Items.

Big Ticket Item goals seem really high. How do I know you'll raise the money?

We are experienced with entertainment financing models and strategies, whether through traditional or new methods, so if there's a way to supplement the funding through the site, we'll find it.

Every little bit closer we get to the funding goal helps us get the rest of the funding from other places, if we must. So, even if the funding goal is a huge sum, jump in there. We're working other resources and ways to find partners to help make it happen!

And BTW, if you're money or know someone that is, or if you have other innovative ways of funding that we should consider, feel free to email us:

When will a Big Ticket Item get made?

The greater rate and degree of interest in a project the sooner a Big Ticket Item will get made. Once it's funded, the creators of that project will get to work and are contractually bound to produce and deliver it at their earliest available opportunity.

Will I know when a Big Ticket Item is available for Grokking?

If you purchase an item from an early stage of the project before the Big Ticket Item is made available for funding, you are part of that project for as long as we are working to make it happen. You'll get email updates every time the project changes, or when there's news, including the news as to when the Big Ticket Item is listed.

If a Big Ticket Item is not fully funded, do I still get what I paid for?

If your card is charged then you will be getting the item(s) you requested according to the information in that item or project listing.

Once a Big Ticket Item is listed, we are out there trying to secure supplemental funding, distribution and other partners and so it's absolutely possible that the Big Ticket Item does get produced, even if it doesn't get fully funded here, and if that happens, you will get your item, and you'll know this because your card was charged.

Is my account publicly displayed?

No. Only you, Grok Studio management, Amazon Payments, the project creators and producers will be able to see your personal information.

Do I get notified if a project I Grokked succeeds?

We'll send you an email whenever that project changes status, including when funding ends, no matter the outcome. Or you can come back and check the status of the project on Grok Studio daily.

Do you allow anybody to submit properties to be posted as projects?

All of our projects are based on pre-existing copyrighted material. If you control the rights already and we think that others will love it, then you can make a submission to us by going to our contact page here. You can also choose to have any bonafide agent or representative contact us.